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Bob and Jerry met at the home of mutual friends in 1995, neither sure what to expect from the other. One chorus of blues later, any misgivings sparked by the pair’s difference in age had evaporated in the joy of music making. Bob heard his first jazz record as a teenager in 1942 (it featured Muggsy Spanier with Rod Cless on clarinet). They invited Kara to join the band in 2017, and The Bob Sparkman Trio was born. Inspired by those jazz luminaries, as well as the artistry of Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and the Condon Mob—Pee Wee Russell, Edmond Hall, etc., he started jamming with contemporaries Dick Wellstood and Ed Hubble and has been making marvelous music ever since. Jerry’s Dad introduced him to the guitar and piano when he was five years old, and he quickly learned to play music of all styles. In addition to playing classical, jazz, and even good ol’ rock n’ roll, he is a prolific composer and arranger, and writes articles about music for the Springfield newspapers. Kara is a professional writer, editor, and publications designer whose early musical influences ran more to John Denver, Carole King, and Willie Nelson. She got hooked on jazz in college and is loving the chance to play it with great musicians like Bob and Jerry


Guess What? We’re playing a CONCERT this weekend!

An online concert that is. On Sunday, December 13 at 4 pm, you’ll be able to enjoy clarinetist Bob Sparkman, pianist Jerry Noble and bassist Kara Noble, as they bring their light-hearted traditional jazz improvisations to the Unitarian Society of Northampton for their traditional holiday concert in support of the Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund.

How can you attend?

Just visit the Unitarian Society’s website at https://livefromsanctuary.org/. Scroll down below the fabulous pictures (and the video of our concert there this summer) and click the View Livestream on December 13 button. Don’t forget to donate to the toy fund (and the musicians) while you’re there!

Bob Sparkman, clarinet; Jerry Noble; piano, Kara Noble, bass